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Robotic Lawn Mower SPM19A

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    • Commodity name: Robotic Lawn Mower SPM19A
    • Commodity ID: 232331921211141311

    Trade Name: Robotic Lawn Mower SPM19A                 Trade Number: SPM19A


    Collision sensor: In the working process, the robot intelligent mower is equipped with a collision sensor to avoid obstacles. After the machine touches the obstacles, it backs up and turns to avoid obstacles

    In case of emergency, press the STOP button, the machine will stop working immediately (the cutter head will stop rotating within 2s)

    Mowing mode: two mowing modes are automatically switched: when the machine senses that the grass is dense and high, the involute mode is triggered; Otherwise, it is a random straight line mode

    Rain sensor: when rain or high humidity is detected, the robot mower automatically senses and returns to the charging station for charging

    Anti theft: set password to avoid theft of intelligent mower

    Mowing program setting: appointment of working time; Working date; Work area; Working mode to meet the requirements of customer use scenarios

    Working mode: set manual and automatic modes through APP

    Delivery time: 45 days


    Authentication Gs, Rohs,Emc From Tuv
    Maximum Working Area

    400 ㎡

    Motor Type

    Brushless Motor

    Working Voltage

    2.2H Lithium Ion Battery

    Working Voltage


    Working Hours

    40 Minutes

    Charging Time

    90 Minutes

    Blade Type

    3 Blades, 1 Blade Plate

    Cutting Width

    16 Cm

    Cutting Height Range

    25 - 55 Mm

    Travel Speed

    16-18 M/Min

    Maximum Slope

    20 Degrees

    Maximum Management Area

    Automatic Partitioning

    PIN Code


    Noise Level


    Warranty Bill

    1 Year (Excluding Man-Made Damage)



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