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Robotic Lawn Mower YZ-2.1

Poland,Turkey,Russia,USA,Brazil,Egypt,Japan,Korea and Thailand.In the core concept of "Focus on Quality, and Pursue Excellence ", OSD staff never stop providing better quality and service for our customers.

Product Details

  • Description
  • Specification
    • Commodity name: Robotic Lawn Mower YZ-2.1
    • Commodity ID: 232331921211141311111

    Trade Name: Robotic Lawn Mower YZ-2.1                  Trade Number: YZ-2.1


    • Collision sensor: In the working process, the robot intelligent mower is equipped with a collision sensor to avoid obstacles. After the machine touches the obstacles, it backs up and turns to avoid obstacles
    • In case of emergency, press the STOP button, the machine will stop working immediately (the cutter head will stop rotating within 2s)
    • Mowing mode: two mowing modes are automatically switched: when the machine senses that the grass is dense and high, the involute mode is triggered; Otherwise, it is a random straight line mode
    • Rain sensor: when rain or high humidity is detected, the robot mower automatically senses and returns to the charging station for charging
    • Mowing program setting: appointment of time and date to meet customer use scenario requirements
    • Working mode: set manual and automatic modes through APP
    • Delivery time: 45 days
  • Model



    Ce Ro Hs

    Product Size


    Package Size


    Gross Weight


    Working Voltage

    20 Volts

    Motor Type

    Brushless Motor

    Battery Capacity

    2AH/4AH Lithium Battery

    Working Hours

    50 Minutes

    Charging Time

    50/100 Min 60/120 Min

    Maximum Cutting Range

    800 Square Meters

    Maximum Cutting Width


    Cutting Height Range


    Operating Speed

    16 M/Min

    Maximum Working Gradient

    20 Degrees


    <70 Db

    Quality Guarantee Period

    1 Year (Excluding Man-Made Damage)



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